A.A. Bondy’s ‘Enderness’ Out Today

May 10, 2019


A.A. Bondy returns with Endernesshis first record in 8 yearsout today. Catch Bondy on the road HERE  and pick up Enderness on White Vinyl HERE or stream HERE

The Line of Best Fit: 8/10


“On Enderness, his first album in eight years, he channels his eternal weariness into evocative blurs of languid, hypnotic sound that help form a kind of ambient blues music.”

MOJO: ✭✭✭✭✩
“…it’s Bondy’s most disturbing record, but equally his most memorable.”
“It isn’t so different from his standard posture, mercilessly grabbing at the heart with earnest (and at times heavy-handed) narratives sung in an alluring, unvarnished voice. With Enderness Bondy brings us squarely into the present, where our homes are on fire and all we can do is tweet.”
UNCUT: 7/10
“Previous records have sometimes showed their roots rather too obviously, but the entirely solo Enderness is more of a brooding country-soul set, with the emphasis on soul.”
American Songwriter: ✭✭✭✩✩

“But although the sound is spare, Bondy delivers these dreamy, almost hypnotic songs with a surprising amount of soul and a potent if gauzy intensity.”

An update from Bondy:

In 2012 I quit making music and joined an MDMA surf club in Los Angeles. Years passed. People died. –

I drank heavily and started meditating. I fell in love with Anita Baker.

In October 2016 after being held under for too long by the sea in Oxnard, CA, something shook loose and I started writing songs again.

This began a period of writing in which I found all of the songs on ENDERNESS. I recorded and played everything myself. The day after I finished a wildfire burned my house down.