Holler Boys


Scott McClanahan and Chris Oxley, based in West Virginia, are co-founders of Holler Presents, a venue for their various artistic output. Scott and Chris, as Holler Boys, produce folk music filtered through an Appalachian fever dream. Sometimes a gentle acoustic prayer; sometimes a shrill electric scream. As writers, Scott and Chris have collaborated on projects for Two Dollar Radio. As a solo author, Scott has published a number of novels, most recently with indie-press Tyrant Books, whom we have teamed up with to bring you a limited edition coupling of his book Hill William with a Holler Boys 7". Find it here.

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Newest Release

Tyrant Books, Holler Presents and Fat Possum teamed up to bring you this limited edition book and 7" package. Scott McClanahan's writing has drawn comparisons to the absurdist humor of National Book Award finalist George Saunders and the southern home-spun melancholy of Larry Brown and Breece D'J Pancake. We present his latest book, Hill William, based on Scott's childhood in rural West Virginia, along with a 7" from his band, Holler Boys. Scott and Holler Presents co-founder Chris Oxley play folk filtered through an Appalachian fever dream. Sometimes that sound is a gentle prayer; sometimes a shrill, isolated scream. Additionally, Scott has narrated an audiobook of Hill William, automatically downloaded with MP3s of both tracks upon purchase of book and 7" package, or available separately. Books are signed and numbered by author. Cover art for 7" generously provided by photographer Stacy Kranitz. Limited edition of 300.