Sonny & the Sunsets

Sonny Smith began singing while a patient at Warm Springs Foundation Hospital in Texas, to amuse the other patients. 

Quasi-mystical with a tendency to write about new-agey subjects such as hypnotherapy, extrasensory perception, fortune tellers, palm readers and channelers Smith has been given his own genre by the press as 'pop supernaturalism'. 

He was released from Warm Springs in the care of his brother and wife, Ryan Browne and Tahlia Harbour who soon became his backing band, Smith changed his name several times in this phase; Sonny Berger, Declan (Sonny) Burke, Sonny Smith and Dave Gil. 

He left the band after a week and moved to San Francisco where he quickly landed back in psychiatric care. It was there at the Canyon Manor Rehabilitation Center north of San Francisco that he met Kelley Stoltz who became the drummer and third and final sunset. Stoltz sent for the other two sunsets and they arrived in San Francisco a week later. 

On and off they lived out of a Browne's Toyota van for the next three years. They embarked on a triple album in late 2009 but a hurricane hit the coastal studio they were recording in and most of the tapes were destroyed as well as their equipment. What's left is Hit After Hit. They returned to Alaska, where Browne has a mother.

Sonny and the Sunsets To Release "Hit After Hit"


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The sophomore album for San Francisco's Sonny and the Sunsets will be released on April 12 by Fat Possum.  "Hit After Hit follows up Sonny and the Sunsets debut Tomorrow is Alright which we released last year.

Check out the track "I Wanna Do It" from 'Hit After Hit' right this second over at Pitchfork.


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Sonny and the Sunsets - "Tomorrow Is Alright"
CD: $13
Digital: $8.99

Smith Westerns - "Smith Westerns"
CD: $13
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Sonny & the Sunsets Daytrotter Session



The good people over at Daytrotter sat down with Sonny & the Sunsets recently to record 6 full songs.  The session is now posted.  Head over to Daytrotter right now to check them out


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