The Weather Station is the project of Toronto singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman.  Her latest single, “Robber”, is recorded with Marcus Paquin (The National, Arcade Fire) in Toronto’s Canterbury Studios, the song presents an ambitious, vital and genre-defying new direction for The Weather Station. In describing the track, Lindeman says:

“I gathered seven musicians in a studio; four of them rehearsed, three of them not at all, and I let those two energies of control and chance feed off each other over the course of two chords and five minutes. It was a beautiful session and I’ve never been so proud of a recording in my life.

I could say a lot about where this song came from, but I’ll refer here to Hannah Arendt, who said: “The chances of factual truth surviving the onslaught of power are very slim indeed; it is always in danger of being maneuvered out of the world not only for a time, but potentially forever.” Power asks us to not see; to not believe our eyes. Not seeing is rewarded; it’s easier to fall in love with the robber than it is to see the robber, to bear witness to what is taken.”

This latest release follows The Weather Station’s universally acclaimed Self-Titled LP in 2017, and 2015 breakthrough album Loyalty. Those albums saw Lindeman develop an international fanbase, touring the world as both a headliner and support for artists such as The War On Drugs, The Mountain Goats, Damien Jurado and Bahamas. Receiving praise from Pitchfork, NPR, The New Yorker, MOJO, Uncut, The Guardian, and The New York Times, they also picked up multiple nominations for the Polaris Prize, JUNO and SOCAN Awards.

“Robber” marks The Weather Station’s first release with Fat Possum. To mark the occasion, we have also made a limited run of Robber 7” releases, including a physical only b-side, “Better Now”.

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