Lightning Bug Releases “the (I)onely ones”

July 1, 2020

Lightning Bug has released new single “The Lonely Ones”, a b-side/reimagining of previously released track “The Onely Ones“.  Listen to the collection here.

Of the song, LB’s Audrey Kang says: “‘The Onely Ones’ is sort of about the solitude of human existence and how I find it impossible to show someone else what exactly lives inside me. Logan was doing some final mix work on it when for a moment, he isolated some guitars that said something new and truer. All the percussive bombast of ‘The Onely Ones’ was gone, and another melody emerged. So we sampled that bit from ‘The Onely Ones’ and built it back up by following the shape of the sampled chords and leaning into the new melody. Probably obvious from the title, but ‘The Lonely Ones’ is meant to pull from the loneliness that lives in ‘The Onely Ones’ and let that one emotion sing.”