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the late punk Jay Reatard was best known as a solo artist, but he'd also been part of an absurd number of bands.  Those bands did a whole lot of recording, and the records they left behind are ready for rediscovery.  Last month, Goner released a Best New Music'd re-issue of 'Teenage Hate,' an album from Reatard's old band Reatards.  And now, Fat Possum is planning to release a cd/vinyl best-of retrospective from Lost Sounds, a frantic, synth-damaged punk band that featured Reatard and Alicja Trout (also of River City Tanlines).  That releaes, Blac Static, arrives July 19.

Blac Static features songs culled from three of Lost Sounds' four albums, as well as an unreleased demo of "I Sit I Watch I Wait."  It was compiled by Trout and drummer Rich Crook.  Below, we've got the tracklist..

Blac Static:

01 1620 Echles St
02 I'm Not A Machine
03 Black Coats / Whitefear
04 It's My Dream
05 Plastic Skin
06 Dark Shadows
07 Rats Brains & Microchips
08 Energy Drink & the Long Walk Home
09 You Don't Know Remote Control
10 Reasons To Kill
11 Satan Bough Me
12 Radon Flow
13 Soul 4 Sale
14 I Sit I Watch I Wait (demo)

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