Tennis Covers Brenda Lee's "Is It True"

Tennis is back at it with a cover of Brenda Lee's "Is It True."  Just head to their website to snag a listen of it.  Click here to go to their website
Alaina Moore explains why they chose the cover... "Brenda Lee has been a great source of inspiration for me. We stumbled across the song 'Is It True', a less popular single she recorded later in her career and loved it not just for her more mature, crackly voice, but for the randomly awesome inclusion of a very young Jimmy Page on electric guitar. The song is such a jam, we really enjoyed the chance to record it ourselves. Despite the limitations of recording it on a 4-track cassette, and then  having to mix it in a pinch on an 11 year old lap top, that crashed regularly, all the parts we love are there."

Tour Dates:

07/06/11 - London, UK @ Cargo
07/08/11 - Kent, UK @ Lounge on the Farm Festival
07/09/11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Bitterzoet
07/11/11 - Munich, Germany @ 59:01:00
07/12/11 - Berlin, Germany @ Magnet Club
07/14/11 - Hultsfred, Sweden @ Hultsfred Festival
07/15/11 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Littlevega Bar
07/16/11 - Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia
07/19/11 - Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
07/20/11 - Bordeaux, France @ Le Saint Ex
07/21/11 - Barcelona, Spain @ Apolo 2
07/23/11 - Moscow, Russia @ Afisha Picnic
08/05/11 - Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza


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