Yuck Releasing Deluxe Version of Debut Album


On October 11, Fat Possum will be releasing a deluxe version of Yuck's unbelievably awesome debut album.  The deluxe version will include a 2nd CD / LP that includes 6 b-sides!  Stream the track "Cousin Corona" below and the track listing under that

  Cousin Corona by Yuck

Yuck deluxe edition:
01 Get Away
02 The Wall
03 Shook Down
04 Holing Out
05 Suicide Policeman
06 Georgia
07 Suck
08 Stutter
09 Operation
10 Sunday
11 Rose Gives a Lilly
12 Rubber

13 The Base of a Dream Is Empty
14 Milkshake
15 Coconut Bible
16 Cousin Corona
17 Doctors in My Bed
18 Soothe Me

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