A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Sea When Absent

  • Released 6/24/14
  • Catalog # LEFSE065
  • CD
  • Vinyl LP
  • MP3 Album

Track List

  Song Title Time MP3 FLAC
Byebye, Big Ocean (The End) 4:17
In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing) 5:07
Crushin' 4:43
MTLOV (Minor Keys) 4:07
The Things They Do To Me 5:04
Boys Turn Into Girls (Initiation Rites) 5:07
Never Nothing (It's Alright [It's Ok]) 5:05
Double Dutch 1:35
The Body, It Bends 3:44
Oh, I'm A Wrecker (What to Say to Crazy People) 4:08
Golden Waves 4:09

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